The Toronto Center for Liver Disease (TCLD) is made up of three sites: the Toronto Western Hospital Francis Family Liver Clinic, the Toronto General Hospital Liver Unit and the Toronto General Hospital Liver Transplantation Unit. With almost a dozen liver specialists, or Hepatologists, the TCLD is one of the largest liver units in North America. Our group cares for patients with many types of liver diseases, including hepatitis B and hepatitis C, alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver disease, autoimmune liver diseases and other more rare diseases like Wilson’s disease.

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Toronto Declaration on Hepatitis Cure and Eradication

“Toronto Declaration on Hepatitis Cure and Eradication” developed as a result of  1st International Meeting on Hepatitis Cure & Eradication held in Toronto Nov 2014”   Download here

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Hepatitis B, C and Immune-modifying Agents

Curr Opin Rheumatol. 2014 Jul;26(4):395-403. HBV and HCV remain enormous global health problems with over 500 million people infected worldwide. Neither virus is cytopathic with liver damage and control of viral replication caused by the host immune response. With the increasing number and types of immunomodulatory therapies, HBV reactivation is becoming an increasingly recognized...